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Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets

Interior & Closet Door

Home Transformation Solutions

Made Easy & Custom, For Interior Designers.


Interior Designers and home decoration professionals can now enhance their portfolios of home renovation options with our designerONE program of interior doors & custom closets.

One Day Doors & Closets offers a unique product and service. Within a few hours, we can install new, custom-fitting and painted designer doors throughout an entire home thanks to our 3D measuring technology. We partner with select interior designers to offer their clients exclusive products only available through our pre-approved interior designer partners.

Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets

A Trusted Partner

We became North America’s largest company of its kind because of our simple and quick process of installing new, designer doors, building trust with our clients, and working with interior designers like yourself. As your trusted partner, we manage all of the product procurement, installation and service with your clients.

Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets
Digitally Measured & Cut
Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets
Installed in One Day
Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets
At Prices up to 50% Less
Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets
Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets
Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets
Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets
  1. Offer Your Clients the BEST

whole-home transformation


There’s no doubt changing out old doors for a client will transform the look of every room and give you that updated design or unique flair you’re trying to achieve for the home. But until now, replacing interior doors has been a messy and long project requiring contractors and a major disruption to your client’s home. There’s a better solution for interior designers and their clients.


One Day Doors & Closets can replace all of the doors in a home in less than a day and no messy construction because of its 3D measuring technology and customization options. Your clients will be amazed at the appearance the new designer doors make and pleasantly surprised with the easy and stress-free experience.

Trusted Partner

Because of its technology and process, One Day Doors & Closets is the largest company of its kind in North America and the preferred choice of interior designers when needing a significant change on a project by replacing interior and closet doors.

Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets

Contact your local One Day Doors & Closets showroom and ask about joining our DesignerOne affiliate program, giving you access to exclusive products and compensation.

designerONE Makes Door Installation Easy for Interior Designers

  1. Join One Day Doors & Closets DesignerOne Privilege Program to receive access to exclusive products and be set up as a I9.
  1. One Day is flexible in how we work with your clients. We can either take your lead on product designs and options or do the leading ourselves.
  1. Once the project is complete and all of your client’s doors are installed, One Day compensates you for the project.

People Believe Other People

“It’s the best bang for your buck! This process is clean and seamless; I haven’t found a quicker project that more drastically updates or improves a home’s look and value.”
Shanna Shryne

Interior Designer, Los Angeles

Exclusive Door Styles & Home Organization Systems

Exclusive Styles

  • For designerONE Affiliates

One Day Doors & Closets offers exclusive designs for affiliates

in addition to the full line of collection styles.


Ask about our 3 most popular styles, the Nouvel, Kadence, and Luna.

Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets


Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets


Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets


Home Organization Solutions

  1. Pantries
  2. Garages
  3. Home Office
  4. Entertainment Centers


  1. Walk-In Closets
  2. Reach-In Closets
  3. Children's Rooms
  4. Laundry Rooms


How It Works

  1. Our Technology and Process
Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets

Choose Your Door Style & Get Your Doors Digitally Measured

Once you’ve selected the style of door that achieves the look you’re targeting for your client, a One Day technician will capture digital measurements of each door opening using patented 3D measuring technology.

This precision mapping technology enables each door to be custom-made to fit each unique opening. This is key as it guarantees a great fit every time with no excessive gaps or rubbing on the frame.

Custom-Made Doors & Professionally Painted

Your measurements are then sent to One Day’s factory where each door is custom-made using robotic automation similar to 3D printing.

This is where your doors are professionally painted with advanced coatings paint and flash-dried by a laser-controlled infrared oven, creating quality and durability unmatched in the market.

Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets
Design Partners, One Day Doors & Closets

Get It Installed

Now comes the easy installation process.

One Day install crews arrive, scheduled with your client, and quickly get to work. Every door in your client’s home is replaced in less time than it takes home improvement stores, handymen and contractors to replace a single door!

Instead of a 1 to 2 week messy construction project, installation is finished in only a few hours with no in-home mess or construction, and typically costs 30 to 50-percent less than hiring a contractor or handyman.